Thursday, November 14, 2013

World's Finest # 202, May, 1971

Well, that didn't take long. Look who's back! At least for one issue. The juxtaposition of the Adams/Giordano cover here and the Dillin/Giella splash page below strongly illustrates the disappointment fans had when the interior art, no matter how serviceable, just didn't live up to the cover's promise.

This was where Schwartz chose to get rid of the Superman robots concept while he was cleaning out the Weisinger closet.


  1. I remember all those letters from Guy H. Lillian III when I read the letter columns of my favorites in the 70's. He and Bob Rodi were regulars.

  2. I've not spoken with him personally but Guy and I have mutual Facebook friends so I STILL see him commenting from time to time!