Monday, November 25, 2013

World's Finest # 213, September, 1972

We lose the cool Golden Age reprints starting this month as we go back down to twenty cents. We also go to straight bi-monthly rather than 8 times a year. We start off with a colorful cover by the recently deceased (in 2013) Nick Cardy, soon to be THE DC cover artist of the decade.

It's a good story, too, from Elliot S! Maggin. I particularly like the private life of Clark Kent details.

Noting panels like the two below, I'd swear someone other than Giella worked on this one as well.There a re  couple more later on like that one. Looks more like Giordano than Giella...but only a  few panels.

The artists draw themselves in an obvious cameo.

So hey save the day and we end up back home for a punchline.

Kirby was on the wane at DC already as the 4th World titles faded out to be replaced by others. The first couple--THE DEMON and KAMANDI would be quite good but then thugs would change. Even his worst creations from the seventies--like OMAC and KOBRA--would end up with long-lasting implications at DC.

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