Wednesday, November 20, 2013

World's Finest # 208, December, 1971

In spite of the overly wordy cover, this image marks the first of a too-brief run of really good covers, this one by Neal Adams.

Dr. Fate's recent cameo (even though he turned out to be a villain then) must have inspired this early actual team. I remember being put out that Wein portrays Fate as a surgeon rather than the archaeologist he was in reprints and historical info. Turns out Len had latched on to a late period career switch in the original.

That and the panel below show that the writer was bringing something new to the mix in WF--continuity!

Yet another cameo by Zatanna. 

Not quite as stupid as Marvel's Hercules towing Manhattan with NON-magical chains but still...! Len, what were you thinking?

I love this image of Superman!

This was probably the second time I had seen the Golden Age Robotman. 

And definitely the first I had seen of the Ghost Patrol.

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