Saturday, November 23, 2013

World's Finest # 211, May, 1972

A great if misleading cover from Neal tops a particularly good Denny O'Neil story that would have been right at home in a mid-sixties Weisinger issue. I would have loved to have seen this tale drawn by Swan and Klein but the current team, Dick and Joe, do some of their best work. 

We start with the old cliche of the friendly aliens arriving on Earth searching for an escaped criminal from their world. Then Denny gives it a "relevant" twist. 

The Golden Age Green Lantern is one of my favorite forties heroes and this was one of the earliest times I saw one of his original solo appearances.

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  1. The Harlequin was a great GA Green Lantern villainess/possible love interest.
    Would love to see that story reprinted. Thanks!!