Tuesday, November 5, 2013

World's Finest # 193, May, 1970

Part two of this Bob "continuity and logic be damned" Haney story finds Perry White checking on the mistreatment of our heroes in the concentration camp where we left them at the end of the previous issue. Emboldened by his presence, they bravely and boldly make their escape! Or...do they?

Nah, it's a couple of suicidal spies ready to nuke the free world whilst the real heroes continue to be tortured.

Only Supes and Bats--as they often have in this title--have changed places so that the kryptonite beam that keeps Superman de-powered is now aimed solely at Batman!

Only they arrive, still disguised, just in time for a quick half page finish to this 2 parter.

DC was trying rather obviously at this point to appeal to the older teen market that Marvel had pretty much sewn up. The thing is that not only did DC not GET what Marvel had done but Marvel hadn't done it intentionally and didn't really understand their success themselves.

Even the Robin reprints, now regular here, could have been a perceived sop to that teen market.

And more monsters of the type banned by the Code since 1955. Still wonder how all the monster ads were allowed.


  1. HI! I had a few of these as a kid, one of them was this issue here. I have a memory of a powerless Superman holding a rope tied to a boulder over Batmans head. If he lets go of the rope Batman gets crushed. After a long time Superman has to let go, and the rope was rigged to not fall after all. It was just to break Superman. I thought it was this issue, but its not looking like it. Does that sound familiar at all?

    1. Actually you're 100% correct! Not sure now why I left out any reference to it but take another look. I just went back and added a panel from that sequence.

    2. WOW! Thanks! I figured Id never find it, I was trying to think of something I hadnt looked at in over 20 years. Very cool!

    3. Also appreciate the quick response!