Sunday, November 17, 2013

World's Finest # 205, September, 1971

The Teen Titans were passed their initial prime by this point and nobody seemed to know quite what to do with them. As the "youth" of DC, they were trotted out a lot for "youth issues." Here they're trotted out for a heavy-handed look at racism and sexism. I supposed Robin was left out because he had just appeared here solo.

Frazetta's Shining Knight which we posted on our ADVENTURE COMICS blog some time back.

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  1. Are you not going to comment on the significance of the villain's name? I mean, here we have Steve Skeates, who had recently been replaced on "Teen Titans" by Bob Haney, writing a story about a Mr. HANdlEY being stuck in the past and unable to understand modern youth.