Friday, November 8, 2013

World's Finest # 196, September, 1970

And thus it ends, not with a bang but with a  relative whimper. This final tale of the World's Finest team in their original run is a little-remembered, rather pedestrian tale by Bob Haney. Curt Swan returns to the art only to be sabotaged by the inks of George Roussos, an impressive illustrator of the Golden Age sadly remembered best today for being a less than suitable inker over the Silver Age pencils of Jack Kirby and others.

There had been no big announcements of the upcoming change. In fact, I believe the matter-of-fact  letters column mention of the upcoming change to be the first fans would have known of it. This was Mort Weisinger's final issue as Editor. Julius Schwartz was taking over the Superman titles heading into the Fall of 1970.

But first up, there was another reprint annual!

No room for a reprinted story this time so they reprinted a 1950s PSA!

Sizzlers! I loved Sizzlers.

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  1. ha, just hit on this on a search for the only superhero comic i ever read as a child (clandestinely borrowed from the bad lot) ... it certainly didn't seem pedestrian to me, and some panels are still etched into my brain in finest detail, i find. great to visit this again.