Monday, December 2, 2013

World's Finest # 220, December, 1973

No, that isn't Swamp Thing but it gives one an idea what Ol' Swampy might have looked like if drawn by Nick Cardy or--in the story--Dick Dillin rather than Berni Wrightson! Last issue's not particularly interesting story limps to a quick climax in this issue. The bi-monthly format didn't really lend itself to a story where one is very likely to forget the whole thing between issues.

Well, that's over. Let's enjoy the entire METAMORPHO story. With lower expectations, it's quite good. Artist John Calnan signs as simply "J.C" for some reason. His style here seems to me to evoke both Jim Aparo and Dan Spiegle. Not a bad thing at all. I didn't know much at all about Mr.C but I found this online interview.

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