Thursday, December 5, 2013

World's Finest # 223, June, 1974

Already it's time to move into the next phase of WF. And a good one it is, saddled only by Haney's continued inane stories. With this ish, WF moves to the 10 page "Super Spectacular" mode, filled with one new story, reprints and special features.

This entire issue is narrated by Deadman, a character that DC never really figured out what to do with after Neal Adams' run. I believe when we last saw him, Jack Kirby had given him a robot body in FOREVER PEOPLE. Or was it in PHANTOM STRANGER where that plot point was just ignored? 

Here we have Haney with another rod his specialities--the continuity implant that's never mentioned again. Not only do we introduce a hitherto unknown OLDER BROTHER for Bruce Wayne but Deadman ends up confiscating his body! You see, unlike Bruce, this Wayne is mentally ill (no comments, please) so I guess Boston Brand simply figures that makes him fair game. Superman--looking oddly young with Colletta inks, is rather superfluous really...but then again so is Deadman.

Neal Adams is said to have hated this George Roussos ink job and I believe he redid it himself for later reprints. 

Once again Aquaman. As with ADVENTURE, once you're a part of the book, you STAY a part of the book.

This is a truly nifty special feature--a 3 page excerpt/history of Batman on Superman's radio program!

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  1. Hey, there was an episode of Justice League Unlimited where Deadman briefly possessed Superman. Everybody was dumbfounded by the sudden change in Supes' speech patterns and personality except Batman, who said, in a weary, annoyed voice, "It's Boston Brand."