Thursday, December 26, 2013

World's Finest # 244, May, 1977

Okay, here we go! Check out that awesome Neal Adams cover! Joe Orlando is now listed as Managing Editor with Denny as Story Editor. Apparently Bob Haney had blackmail material on both so he's still the lead writer...sadly.

It just wouldn't seem like WORLD'S FINEST without Aquaman...even if only in the Hostess ad. 

A return to the contents page.

A fairly incomprehensible story but some nifty art by one of the great Superman artists, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, mixed with one of the great Superman inkers, Murphy Anderson!

After a brief ADVENTURE revival a few years earlier, Black Canary finally gets her own series with stylish art from Michael Netzer (then Nasser) and Terry Austin.

And since Black Canary had, as a character, long been romantically tied to Green Arrow, there's a cross-over with his series, returning to its longtime home here in WF.

Another veteran of a brief ADVENTURE series returns, minus Gray Morrow sadly but...

And finally, Wonder Woman in all-new WWII-era adventures, well-drawn by Jose Delbo but weakly inked by Vince Colletta.

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