Wednesday, December 11, 2013

World's Finest # 229, April, 1975

Back down to a smaller size and price with no reprints and back to 8 times a year rather than 6! I know what you're thinking when you look at that Enie Chan cover. Did Bob Haney write METAL MEN? Because that sure looks like it could be Gold. Sadly, no...although Gold WILL appear before to long! Let's just say that the most new action in this issue comes from the Hostess ad below by Dick Giordano and..?? Looks like someone else in there, too, but I'm not sure who. 

No, instead, with the excuse that the format change caught them off guard, we get this 1958 reprint. Admittedly a good one but odd to have a reprint for the lead with an all-new back-up story with (you guessed it) Metamorpho.

So here's the whole thing for your enjoyment. Not as good as the Hostess ad bit not bad as this series goes at this point.

Somehow Joe Kubert retained or regained the rights to his 50's hero TOR from St. John. Or perhaps it was because that series had slipped into the public domain. Anyway, he revisited the character several times over the remainder of his career, right up to the end.

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  1. Nice how they describe a series of strangulations as a "mirthquake."

    Oh, how tiresome Metamorpho stories were in this period. Every time, the same placeholders: Sapphire loves Rex despite his looks, Java is jealous, Stagg's an arrogant jerk... For years that went on like a broken record repeating one bit over and over and DC couldn't figure out why Rex couldn't hold his own.