Tuesday, December 10, 2013

World's Finest # 228, March, 1975

There's an awful lot of Bob Haney in this issue but not as much as credited. The AQUAMAN story was actually by Jack Miller. Sadly, we're already at the end of the 100 page issues.

Robin's role in the Super Sons saga deserved more investigation than it got. I mean, they seem to be about the same age  give or take a couple years. What must it have been like for young Bruce growing up in the shadow of Dad's OTHER "son?" Not too much of that here, though. Just Dick lording it over Bruce Jr that HE gets to be Batman now that the old man is dead...again. Remember? These are NOT imaginary stories. [This means that once again Bruce Wayne's death is reported and gets lots of coverage and once again his various corporate interests restructure and power plays are begun and once again he turns out to be alive! Surprise! How many times has that happened "in continuity?"

And why WOULD there be as that would reveal Bruce's identity and, ipso facto, yours and Bruce, Jrs?

The SHAZAM book in this ad had a photo cover of the TV Captain Marvel in real life.

My mother was SO mad at me when I mail ordered a comic book for the first time from the Passaic Book Center circa 1971. It was AVENGERS # 16 and I paid a whole DOLLAR for it (plus ten cents postage I believe). She said, "Son, they saw YOU coming!"

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