Saturday, December 14, 2013

World's Finest # 232, September, 1975

Yesterday, I had to take my wife in to set up a sleep study. Ironically, that's what Batman and Superman are doing in today's story, one of those that occurred whilst their progeny were off "finding themselves" I suppose.

This guy's name is Chang-Shi. This was published nearly two years after Marvel's SHANG-CHI! No relation. DC creators, as we all know, never ever read Marvel.

I lose track but if I recall correctly, none of the 4 parts of the series advertised below ever showed up.

Ditko only did one issue but it was his only time drawing Batman--who guest-starred-- in a story!


  1. The King Arthur series never appeared, but I've never been able to find out why. I was looking forward to reading it and wonder how far they got with producing it.

    I don't remember the Code Name: Assassin series at all, just a one-shot in DC's First Issue Special.

  2. Too bad that King Arthur wasn't published (though the giant-sized Bible comic was). Before comics' "British Invasion" of the '80s, DC took advantage of the "Filipino Invasion" of the '70s, with phenomenal artists like Alcala, Redondo, Talaoc, et al.