Sunday, December 8, 2013

World's Finest # 226, December, 1974

More than any other issue to date, this one evokes the original 15 cent issues of the early 1940s with their silly covers and myriad unrelated features. We even get a contents page with aWin Mortimer Batman. Longtime followers will recall that Mortimer drew most of the early peak period covers.

If only the main story wasn't so incomprehensible. I suppose if I tried harder I could figure it out but it just seemed so pointless, as did Haney's pet Metamprpho in yet another appearance. 

I did, however, really enjoy these kinds of features. Bridwell maybe?

Note Superman's introduction which confirms the fact that DC didn't even read their own books at this point. Simon and Kirby's NEW Sandman in 1974 was hardly Wes Dodds! In fact, until Neil Gaiman came along years later, there was literally NO connection whatsoever!

Eclipso had been a mildly interesting also-ran character from a decade earlier noted mainly for some good art by Alex Toth early on. DC would manage to revive him successfully as a recurring Big Bad but not for another couple of decades.

Classic DEADMAN stories were always welcome but still not sure what his recurring character in WF was for.

Okay, now THERE'S a notice one doesn't see every day.

Haven't we already reprinted these here? Has it been that long? Still, good stuff and two is good because they're so short!

Letterhack Bob Rozakis graduated to doing puzzles and such before eventually becoming a writer himself and then forever being identified as "The Answer Man."

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