Tuesday, December 3, 2013

World's Finest # 221, February, 1974

Interesting, colorful cover with it's oh-so spare background. Good work from Cardy. Inside, they're baaaaack! The Super Sons run out on their folks by page 2 (who the heck is Mrs. Wayne supposed to be anyway?) and get mixed up with another kid having problems with his dad. After rapping with him a while, the whole thing leads to an emerald mine in Central America where the kid's doorman dad turns out to be first an undercover miner. then a government agent!


  1. Here is the problem I always had with the "stuper sons." I had it way back then. I still do. If they their own identities why not wear their own costumes? I mean it's like "this is who I am I am this guy's kid." I must wear Batman's costume because I have his genes." It's ridiculous! They needed to read more Marvel at that point.

  2. What surprised me was they they didn't make the Super-Sons the sons of the Earth-2 Batman and Superman. My first issue was #230 (the one with the giant eyeball monster on the cover) and, based on what I knew at the time from the annual JLA/JSA team ups, I frankly thought at the time that's who the sons were supposed to be. It was only many year later that I realized I had assumed incorrectly.

    1. Duke, excellent point. I found this wired thing in that era where they had Wildcat and Batman but it wasn't an earth 2 wildcat it was an earth 1 wildcat who was never mentioned to the JSA Wildcat at in any team up. "Hey you know we have Wildcat on our own world." they never mention it. Also with there's a Specter/ Batman story like that too.

      I think they were just tuning in to the cosmic treadmill wrong and getting vibes for earth 847 or soemthing.