Saturday, December 21, 2013

World's Finest # 239, July, 1976

After skipping a few issues, I bought this one because I was a longtime Metal Men fan. Haney had used the robot team many times in BRAVE & BOLD team-ups with Batman so I expected this to be pretty good. What I got was one of the stupidest scenes in the history of comics: Gold stretching himself millions of miles out into space--in a matter of minutes!--while Batman holds his legs (as if they would somehow follow the rest of him!) AARGH!! 

They needed SOME way to get Gold involved so they made him a closet UFO buff--another of those "never to be mentioned again" facts.

Note Gold's line below. Funny, Bob. Sheesh!

And here it is.

Why is he holding the feet in the air?

And then note the anticlimactic ending and the almost throwaway bit about Superman collecting Gold on his way back. And did he rebuild him, too? Sigh...

The Bicentennial was everywhere by this point but in spite of this issue's date, it was on sale in May. The book advertised below was a real disappointment.

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  1. Another 1976 WF issue I picked up off the spinner rack back then. Too bad I forgot how lame the story was!