Sunday, December 22, 2013

World's Finest # 240, September, 1976

Other than the more "realistic" style of drawing this one harkens back to the Silver Age in its silly story. Where to begin? First off, Supes has become a part-time monster. Batman randomly runs into Superman's lookalike cousin Van-Zee at Ken doll size and trails him to the Bottle City of Kandor at the Fortress of Solitude where he finds it has become a monarchy and declared his old buddy the King. But at night he goes all Mr. Hyde and then forgets it the next day. Only one thing to do, Bats says--kill him. So he does. But then he and Van escape Kandor where a sentient 8 legged cat reveals himself to be behind everything. So the not really dead Superman shows up, saves the day by threatening to wring the cat's neck, chastises Van for forgetting that he, too, has super powers outside the bottle and then makes him go back in. Bruce and Clark then pat themselves on the back for another victory, never minding that they've left Kandor in a terrible state by pretending to kill its king! Who will run the bottled city after this? And how will everything be explained back in Metropolis? hang tight, gang. This phase doesn't last forever.

Hardly as odd as the Mothers advertising in marvel back in '67 but still...

DC was big with TV shows in '76 as well as returning to their age-old practice of adapting TV shows.

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