Wednesday, December 25, 2013

World's Finest # 243, February, 1977

Rich Buckler did some of the best covers of the seventies. This isn't one of them

Note Denny's unusually prominent story editing credit! Haney's still here, though, with his wacky, off-model characterizations, but last issue's promise of Dick Dillin fell through and instead we get the pretty good combination of Curt Swan and Al Milgrom on art.

Note also that unlike hundreds of earlier appearances in WF, Robin is not just presumed to be there if Batman is present but, in fact, gets his own, very cool seventies logo and billing.

The books below were part of a fascinating project which only ever yielded one other volume, SUPERMAN.

A rarely seen combination of books in THIS ad.

Things were still hopping at DC going into '77. It was a good time for the company.

Another odd combination featuring mostly Marvel characters!

Merry Christmas, 1976 and 2013!

And starting next issue, we get several years of a great run that harkens back to the original version of WORLD'S FINEST.


  1. Merry Christmas, Steve!

  2. This was the last issue of WF I purchased - probably because it went to dollar size. A dollar was hard to come by for some 7th graders in those days.