Monday, December 30, 2013

World's Finest # 248, January, 1978

Forgot to mention that Denny didn't last and now Jack C. Harris is listed as Editor with Orlando still as Managing Editor. Bob Haney remains as well. Your mileage may vary on how wonderful that part is.

A mixed bag this time--nothing special but nothing terrible. NO real-standouts. Just an enjoyable comic book.

Trevor Von Eeden gets the last 2 portions of his name run together in this early outing. Sadly this oh-so-stylish artist's style is all but obscured by Colletta inks except for the layouts.

Vicente Alcazar, as I understand it, was a protégé of Gray Morrow's. He also worked with him on the briefly extant Red Circle Comics imprint from Archie. He remains one of my personal favorites of the non-US artists who proliferated in the seventies.

Posters were HUGE as we finish out 1977 thanks mainly to Farrah. Note also though Lynda Carter which is why Wonder Woman was suddenly appearing everywhere at DC.

Did this idea ever get off the ground? I don't believe so.

Michael Netzer's lovely WW art graces DC's "in-house" fanzine.

Last issue featured Mlle. Marie so this issue's turn by Sgt Rock and Easy Company should be no big surprise as Wonder Woman's WWII adventures (on Earth 2 presumably) continue.

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