Friday, December 6, 2013

World's Finest # 224, August, 1974

A nifty Nick Cardy cover but GCD lists Giordano for the contents page and I disagree. On his worst day, Dick could draw bette than this. Looks like someone new and upcoming to me--possibly Pat Broderick? Colletta inks don't help.

Another Generation Gap story. If you weren't there, you may not realize just what a MAJOR issue that was in the sixties and seventies! This story is all about "finding yourself" with the help of a benevolent Guru--again, a popular thing from the sixties on that evolved into a bit of cultism in this decade...which is kind of what we see here.

SUPER FRIENDS was not really a very good superhero cartoon but its nostalgic value to those who grew up with it can not be underestimated! I was 15 by this point and had my memories of the "better" Filmation cartoons of nearly a decade earlier.

Joe Orlando imitates Ramona Fradon as Metamorpho returns yet again, this time in reprints.

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