Monday, December 9, 2013

World's Finest # 227, February, 1975

Wonder of wonders! Bob Haney DID know the meaning of the word continuity! I had totally forgotten this story when i wrote that we never heard of Bruce Wayne's brother as Deadman again. Here we do...just exactly long enough to get rid of the idea permanently...along with Bruce Wayne's brother.

Basically, Superman needs Batman's help catching some smuggler/counterfeiters for some reason. Only the Caped Crusader is instead obsessed with finding Deadman in his brother's stolen body.

So we meet Daredevil...err...Red Devlin. Since he's a masked acrobat, he obviously MUST be Boston Brand! Right, world's greatest detective?

See below for the answers to Bob Rozakis' latest quiz.

Lots of DC books were in this format for a while.

A surprisingly underground ad for a mainstream Code-approved comic book!

Another cool format DC had at the time.

And yet another nifty 3 page feature!

And one of my favorite WF stories reprinted!


  1. Hey, we're finally getting into my childhood years, here! I actually had that Evil Knievel figure with the bike...or I did 'til my dog got a hold of it. For some reason, he did not like action figures.

  2. I had this issue (and the one before it) and I recall wincing at the cover, because I knew even then that THE STATUE OF LIBERTY IS NOT MADE OF STONE!

  3. Seeing that ad for the other 100 pagers was pretty cool. That was the best time to collect because you got the best of both worlds....great new stories and some pretty cool reprints that you otherwise would never have seen.