Monday, December 16, 2013

World's Finest # 234, December, 1975

After hating the previous issue, I believe I actually skipped this one back then. 

The plot doesn't make a lot of sense but deals with an earth family who steal a rocket and go into know...kind of like Reed Richards and his friends across town. In this case, Batman and Superman decide--for no apparent reason--to join them. This turns out to be lucky because first there's an Asian Hulk and then aliens.

The art is Curt Swan again and the best part of the issue. But not THAT great as "Swanee" is here inked by John Calnan (apparently a Boltinoff or Haney favorite as I don't recall ever seeing his work outside their titles). Still...George Klein was dead by this point and wasn't coming back no matter HOW good a team they made.

Swan often threw in pointless celebrity "cameos." Note Archie Bunker--then the most popular character on TV.

The Kubert TATZAN ad is the best part of the issue!

Years later, a variation on this issue's plot--or was it just another FF rip-off?--would lead to the cyborg-Superman!

I've never heard the slightest explanation as to why for some reason DC, completely out of the blue, published a single DICK TRACY collection. I loved it, mind you! Took it to school to read in Study hall. But why? And why no more?

Note that by this point, DC's definition of the word "blockbuster" didn't exactly jibe with Webster's.

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