Saturday, December 28, 2013

World's Finest # 246, September, 1977

Not only another colorful Neal Adams cover but also a kind of fun story this time as well, reminiscent of Mort Weisinger's more outrageous Silver Age sagas. One of the things that makes it work so well is the smooth art combination of Kurt Schaffenberger  and Murphy Anderson!

Lots of JLA guest stars but it's Hawkman who looks best under Anderson's inks, the artist having been the second best (after Kubert) Hawkman artist of them all. Here's the whole story but I warn's continued NEXT ish!

STAR TREK'S peak merchandising years were oddly during the period when neither movies nor TV series were being produced!

Morrow is still on VIGILANTE but this is not his best. The story is also quite violent for its day. 

The WONDER WOMAN series here was actually better than the stories in her own title in this period.

My friend Marc Tyler Nobleman actually tracked down and interviewed the water skiers from the superhero shows at Sea World. Go here to read his 10 part series (and lots of other neat stuff)!

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